Box of 2 Maui Soaps

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Designed with men in mind, bright and invigorating Maui is a sensual energizer. We took our inspiration from the god Maui, the trickster hero who fished up islands in the Pacific, trapped the sun to lengthen the day and helped raise the sky. Love Lemongrass? Look no further - there's a beautiful big heart of Lemongrass in this soap. Maui is wonderfully fresh and cleansing. Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil and regenerating Tamanu oil. Pure essential oils and Palm Oil Free. Recycled Card Box with no glue. 2 x 75 gram - 2.65 oz soaps

  • Perfume Type: Lemongrass  - Fresh - Spicy
  • Personality: Sensual energizer and creative initiator.
  • Size: 2 x 75 gram - 2.65 oz Soaps
  • Designed and Made in New Zealand