Bullet Head Cufflinks with tiny bees

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These are classic and bestselling bullet head cufflinks with the addition of beautiful little bees. Although small, the bees are highly detailed and they make the cufflinks even more special!  

Choose from brass bullets with sterling silver bees or silver bullets with solid bronze bees.

All cufflinks come boxed. Made in New Zealand 

About RD

Selma and Sean Rainey are jewellery designers/artists who have been making jewellery for a number of years. RD (Rainey Designs) is a small business in Christchurch, New Zealand and it has been going (strong!) for 5 years.  RD jewellery collections are an eclectic combination of  recycled/found objects, mixed media, and delicate sterling silver styles.  It truly is a team effort, and one that they are proud of, since both Sean and Selma design and handcraft every single piece from all of their collections.