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Co Cufflinks - copper two cents


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A lovely pair of NZ two cent coin cufflinks, carefully domed and soldered tight to copper cufflink backs.  These arrive in a stylish faux leather cufflink box.  NZ two cent coins are approx 21mm in diameter.   Please note all of our Re-minted jewellery contains genuine, recycled coins, not castings.

About RD

Selma and Sean Rainey are jewellery designers/artists who have been making jewellery for a number of years. RD (Rainey Designs) is a small business in Christchurch, New Zealand and it has been going (strong!) for 5 years.  RD jewellery collections are an eclectic combination of  recycled/found objects, mixed media, and delicate sterling silver styles.  It truly is a team effort, and one that they are proud of, since both Sean and Selma design and handcraft every single piece from all of their collections.