Kereru and Tivaevae Merino Mitts

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  • 100% NZ Merino Jersey - Weight 170gsm Micron 20.5
  • Made in New Zealand
New Zealand, we're lucky to be the only nation to have the Kereru in our midst. Capturing the colours of its beautiful plumeage in our Merino, this design is enhanced with a metallic gold Tivaevae pattern, a design we’ve no doubt will turn heads! 
And about our print design…
Kereru - (Wood Pigeon) Is an endemic bird to New Zealand, it loves to eat fruit, leaves, buds and flowers and is renound for its rather plump figure.
Tivaevae - traditional Pacific quilting at its finest! Meaning ‘patches’ sewn together the results are simply stunning. A reflection of the love and patience of the creator(s) and often described as being "something from the heart”.