Kiwi Versus Morality Game - Expansion

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This expansion includes 250 new cards featuring awful, wonderful and downright weird kiwi references, so good you’ll want to put down your blow torch and play it over smoko.

This expansion is verified as better than a surprise from the Invercargill pool pooper, but not quite as fun as Timaru mobility scooter police chase.

It’s a lot more fun than sleeping in when the creator is handing out stuff, but far less ethical than reusing condoms to be sustainable.

Containing all your favourites, like: sheep placenta cream, spaceman candy sticks, designer balls by Dan Carter, and the devious behaviour of the very Hungry Caterpillar.

It’s better than a sailing trip with Sir Peter Blake, or your unexplainable attraction to the orange election guy, and just as confronting as the naked couple on your porch wanting to chat about your son's porn addiction.

So make like you did when you redeemed your ‘50 Shades of Grey’ from the Scholastic Lucky Book Club, and grab your pack today.

Recommended for ages 18+:

175 White Cards
75 Green Question Cards
Compatible with Kiwis Versus Morality Game