Koru Breastplate - Greenstone

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Sourced from South Island, and carved in New Zealand. Each greenstone is special 

  • Size: 4.7 W x 2.6 H x 0.5cm D

Pounamu, or New Zealand Jade, is a majestic stone sourced from the coastal regions, riverbeds, and Glaciers of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Traditionally utilised by Maori tribes, the stone was, at that time, seen as the strongest substance known to man.

Pounamu was sought for its robustness when used as a tool for hunting, fishing and fighting. For spiritual practice, the stones ethereal qualities and deep green colour were admired, also now, in our contemporary world.

It is a popular belief that Pounamu contains something more than rock, and when touched, this is noticed, whether this something is metaphysical or otherwise. Pounamu was formed into jewellery, heirlooms and spiritual symbols by the tribes most highly placed individuals, among the chiefs: the carvers. Employing sandstone, bark, and black obsidian, these masters of the elements spent weeks, months, even years, to gratify the best outcome for a piece of Pounamu.