Make Your Own Robot Family

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Hands-on creative play creates memories 

This is a wonderful project for a child to make with parents or grandparents. It’ll get your child's imagination racing using non-conventional materials to make faces, ears, arms and legs.

No one else will have robots quite like you!  And lets face it, the quirkier the better. 

This MakeKit project includes

  • Re-purposed wooden blocks
  • Screws, washers, Lego pieces, nails, pegboard hooks, scrabble pieces etc 
  • Wood glue in dispenser bottle
  • Easy to follow instructions with images  

Difficulty: 3/10 

Suitable for: Boys and girls aged 4-10 with some adult supervision (adults may need to screw in some pieces, but children should be able to hammer in nails with some guidance).

You can make this in: 1 - 1.5 hours