Original Manuka Honey & Beeswax Balm 80g

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A nourishing balm for use on dry, chapped skin, eczema, acne or psoriasis.
Seals in moisture without smothering and clogging up pores, providing 100% natural nourishment and enhancing the skins natural healing process.
Apply desired amount and massage into skin, reapply if required.

Made in New Zealand. 

" From our hives to your home.

Our family of beekeepers are passionate and innovative individuals who continually strive for excellence. We care about improving bee health and improving the bee population.

As beekeepers, we have a great respect for these beautiful creatures and the way they work seamlessly with nature to produce totally natural products. We are committed to sustainability. We maintain full control over our products, right from the beehives themselves, through the extraction process and then the manufacturing & dispatch of all of our products.

Our hives are based around New Zealand - from the sunny coast of Gisborne to the rugged Tararua Ranges. With a total of 1200 hives and countless busy bees, our team of 6 beekeepers are kept busy working with the bees to turn all their hard work into wonderful products to benefit everyone. Using the beeswax from our hives for pure beeswax candles and amazing beeswax wraps and bottling the delicious honey."