PEONY Room Diffuser 100ml

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Unashamedly feminine, elegant and sensual, Peony is the heart of this delicate fragrance. With hints of rose, peach and velvety musk, this intoxicating fragrance is sure to be adored.

Scent Family: Soft Floral

Create a sense of grace and beauty in any space with our long lasting, premium fragranced reed diffusers.

5 reed sticks, 100ml white glass bottle with natural wood cap.

Ingredients: fragrance blend, diffuser mix.

Lasts up to 12 months once opened.

Shelf life unopened: 2.5 years.

Handmade in Golden Bay, New Zealand

Living Light Philosophy

Proudly New Zealand Made – As a major local employer, we support our local community.  

Design and Product Excellence – We design and produce with love and integrity to enhance the lives of others. 

Environmental Awareness – We use natural wax and fragrances that are biodegradable and burn carbon-free.  

Natural Indulgence – Our product is a nurturing experience, enhancing the home and work environment and making an exquisite gift for ourselves or someone we love.