Recycled China Pendant – heart design

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This china pendant has been hand-carved from Willow Pattern china into a heart shape. It measures approximately 5.5 cm in height and 4.5 at the widest point, and is hung on hand-plaited cord. This cord has been plaited with three strands and is fully height-adjustable, the full length of the cord being 100cm total. The toggle at the end slides up and down, allowing the pendant to be worn high or low, dependent on mood or dress. The toggle matches the china of the pendant, and is carved into a heart shape to match the pendant; a stone sourced from an NZ beach has been added for extra strength and beauty.
This Willow Pattern china was made by the English manufacturer, Churchill. The pendant is cut from the border of a dinner plate and features the romantic Willow motif of two doves flying together, bound by their eternal love. The border above suggests a Pasifika tapa flower pattern, yet was developed in England and is an interpretation of Chinese design… showing the amazing universality of symbols…
Designed & Made in New Zealand