Hasina Ceramic Art

Inspiration is everywhere! We find inspiration for our work in the great nations of the world. They all have their unique story.

Our story started at two opposite ends of this world. Frouwke grew up in the Netherlands. Francis is a Kiwi from Tokoroa. We met each other in Amsterdam the cultural centre of the Netherlands. We lived in the same old building, doing a course in counselling. Francis always says that he had an empty coffee cup and Frouwke had a coffee machine. A perfect match.

We share our love for different nations of this beautiful world. Frouwke lived in some amazing countries in Europe and in Asia. Francis has done some projects in PNG and Fiji. Experiencing the love of so many people of all kind of tribes and nations has shaped who we are now. In our ceramic work, we try to incorporate these experiences.

We both have a special spot in our hearts for the people that are oppressed and exploited. It is impossible to change all their lives, but we can change one at a time. We have found a place where we can buy Fairtrade handmade Indian wood blocks. Over the years we have been to India, Fiji etc to build houses, toilet blocks, and a playground.

Our ceramics are embossed with English tea roses, Swedish designs, polish folklore, Maori borders. We love the history of New Zealand and use Maori symbols and designs to tell the story of this awesome country we live in.

It is our heart’s desire to use our ceramics to tell the story of those who cannot tell it themselves.

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