3D Cardboard Kit Set - Rhino


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Introducing the much-anticipated Rhino EUGY! With their solid build (they can be as heavy as 30 men!), armour-like skin and strong horns, it's unsurprising that Rhinos have no natural predators. Yet, they only eat plants and grass!

They are truly a fascinating and unique species that are sadly endangered, with only two female Northern White Rhinos subspecies left on our earth. Their biggest threat are poachers, which their oxpecker friends help warn them of the potential danger with loud cries. Their symbiotic relationship is well expressed in this EUGY.

  • Age level : +6

  • Dimension : 63x39x45 mm

  • Package Dim : 160x80x25 mm

  • Includes : Glue, Eyeballs, Instruction guide