A4 Matt & Foamboard - Feed Your Soul

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"My artwork for 2020 is inspired by self-reflection and the ongoing search for happiness.  I’ve heard that the secret to happiness is when you stop looking for it.  2020 has been a year none of us will forget due to the global effects of COVID19. Many people I’ve spoken to have talked about how lockdown was a time of reflection and working out what was important or not to them, as always my pieces aim to create further discussion on the subject.  

Feed Your Soul Sometimes after internal reflection, you realise what’s important in your life, what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.  “If it doesn’t feed your soul let it go.” The Fantail is flying away reflecting letting something go, the twisted knot necklace to show infinite love for yourself and the bath pattern the Celtic sign for infinite love. "

Media: Fine Art Print Signed by Angie Dennis, 100% archival cotton paper, UV Light Fast Inks

Framed: A4  (305 x 381 mm)  Matt & Foamboard