Ceramic Disc - peace

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Ah peace. Says it all really.

The compact size and design of this special tile makes it the perfect gift for taking overseas or sending to a mum in your life. These discs make a beautiful addition to any home.

A little piece of goodness. A beautiful handmade square tile. Each piece is handmade so no two are alike.

  • Approximate Sizes 90mm x 90mm x 15mm.
  • This tile may be slightly uneven in shape due to the tile itself being entirely handmade.
  • Handmade out of sculptural clay, fired to 1150 degrees.
  • Handmade in New Zealand. 

"For every piece in the Monster Company collection an idea became a drawing which in turn became a design which was then made and glazed by us. We want to capture a time, a place or a feeling that we hope you or someone special to you can enjoy and ever. "

"Our goal is to provide ceramic treasures that hand over positive affirmations, confident expressions of what is important or just because they make you feel wonderful every time you see them."