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The Karearea is one of 38 species of falcons worldwide. They're native to New Zealand, and the most threatened bird of prey, (but don’t let that fool you). These guys have built up quite the rep for their versatility, aggression, and relentlessness. For an underdog, their quite the strategist. By seeking high vantage points, they watch and find their live prey from above. Metalbird.

Surprisingly, males are smaller than the females, weighing anywhere from 240g to 350g, while the females boast a size of 410g to 720g. With females being nearly twice the size as the blokes, who runs the world? They're NZ's fastest bird! Flying at speeds of over 100km per hour, that's faster than a V8! And more times than not, catches prey larger than itself. Now that’s one badass bird! However despite their audaciousness, these guys are actually near threatened with their population constantly decreasing. In fact, only a mere 25% of Karearea chicks survive for more than a year because of loss in habitat and human impact.  

Help start the conversation by having a Karearea sit proud in your yard, neighbourhood, or maybe in the city, to raise much needed awareness of this endangered species. 

Ours sits 30cm high and is fairly robust in 3mm weathering steal.