Wall Star Fish Small

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You might not think there is much in common between the prickly, five-armed starfish and the lumpy sea cucumber of the deep ocean. But they are both members of an intriguing group of sea creatures known as echinoderms. Their name means ‘spiny skinned’. The sea urchin (or kina) has lots of spines and looks like a small hedgehog. Echinoderms are found in oceans around the world, and 617 species are found in New Zealand waters. They may live on rocky coasts, reefs, or on the deep ocean floor. (ref. www.teara.govt.nz).  Create a composition using one or a few different wall art pieces.


WIDTH: 13.0cm
HEIGHT: 13.0cm
DEPTH: 3.0cm
WEIGHT: 160.0gm