Sam RB Art

Sam RB is a NZ singer-songwriter and recording artist with three albums; music in NZ film The Insatiable Moon; and the 2012 NZ Olympic song to her name. She began painting accidentally in 2015 while on tour with her third album and hasn’t stopped since. She has featured in Auckland Artweek three times with exhibitions - ‘Welcome To My World’ (Toi Ora Gallery), ‘Kiwi Bacon Yellow Bus’ (Ponsonby Central) and ‘Breathe Out, Breathe In’ (Ponsonby Central). Her most recent work was included in a group show ‘Te Ngahuru’ at Emma Jean Gallery in Silverdale over March and April. She lives in Auckland with her partner Cath, two chihuahua - Sheriff Reddington Sparrow and Deputy Sheriff Norton - and cat, Richard Parker.

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